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Wednesday, 04 September 2013 19:24

By Cassie Weiss
I have a soft spot in my heart for cats. Having five of my own, this is one animal that I have counted on since I was a little girl, sneaking our tom cat into the house once my parents had left for some before-school cuddles.
I’ve always wanted to save the world, but not in the normal sense. I mean, sure I care about the conflict in Syria, and the poverty in Africa, but animals have always come first for me.
I ended up with five cats, not because I wanted five cats, but because I am a bleeding heart who wants to give life to those less fortunate.
All but one of our cats were found on the streets, one by us, the others by humane societies or rescue organizations.
Our one cat still pays, every day, for the traumatic experience she had on the streets, and it has taken her three years with us to be this comfortable, not running every time we enter the room.
Feral cats have, and always will be, a problem. Cats that have been abandoned by their owners, learning to adapt to a life on the streets, scavenging for food, protecting themselves with tooth and nail against those atrocities in the night.
It breaks my heart driving down the road, seeing road kill that usually turns out to be one of those sweet little felines.
When people look at the problem of feral cats, all they see is disease, and mess, and these poor things destroying gardens because the ground is soft enough for a litter.
People shout obscenities; they throw items, and do everything possible to turn these cats away.
It is not the fault of these animals, who are simply doing what they must to survive.
Yes, these cats are feral, but there are people out there who can capture these animals and relocate them to places where they are better suited, where they can be safe, free from disease, free from unnecessary death.
When people see a feral cat population, all they want to do is get rid of it, not understanding the problem, or that these animals deserve life too.
There are organizations out there, ones like Persian Dreams and Canine Themes, that do their best to give these animals something to look forward too, and there are remedies online that can kept the critters from your gardens.
Don’t be so quick to hate. One person can’t save the world, and there will never not be a feral cat population. Maybe instead of cursing, pick up the phone and call someone who actually does care.

Savour the moment - with sprinkles PDF Print
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Tuesday, 27 August 2013 16:02

By Jamie Rieger
Nothing goes better with these hot, dog days of summer than a big bow of ice cream with some fresh fruit piled on top. (For me, that fruit would be a heapful of fresh-picked raspberries!)
And like all good things, it needs to be enjoyed slowly, letting the natural juices from the fruit mix into the melting ice cream.
I got to enjoy some the other day, the first time all summer I've had ice cream. Typically, I'm not much of a sweet eater and ice cream actually makes me more thirsty and feeling full, so it's not something I get a craving for.
But on occasion, I will indulge and I certainly did that the other day after being out in the sun for the better part of the day. Thinking back now, a couple slices of watermelon would have probably had the same effect, and would have quenched my thirst at the same time.
Regardless, I enjoyed that bowl of ice cream and raspberries, savouring every spoonful as I put my feet up to watch the news.
And, like with most other things, I like to keep it simple; no need for sprinkles, gumballs, chocolate chips, or whipped cream for me. Just the basics, like a freezie or a popsicle on a hot day will make me happy!
It's important to take those small, seemingly insignificant moments like eating a bow of ice cream and take the time to really enjoy them. Sometimes, those moments are fleeting or rushed and we never really take the time to let it all sink in.
All the rest of the 'stuff' that has to be done will still be there in 15 minutes, after you've finished that sweet goodness. Let it wait for a bit. Slow down the pace, put your feet up and savour that bowl of ice cream.
Life is too short not to take a moment to enjoy the small things. So, fill a bowl, pile on the fruit, and even throw some sprinkles and whipped cream on top. Then, sit down and enjoy!

It's everybody's place to vote in election PDF Print
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Wednesday, 21 August 2013 16:07

By Cassie Weiss
Politics. This word sums up the next couple months in a nutshell. It is also one of my most hated words, simply because I do not like politics.
Politics have always come out as dirty, in the news there are always complaints about the government, from slanderous videos depicting officials partaking in illegal activities, to upset with the lack of action in regards to the recent June floods.
I struggled with social, with learning the ins and outs of the political system, figuring that I would never need to know the history and the everyday workings of politics.
I didn’t think I would ever need to worry about who wanted to be mayor, or MLA, or president for those of us who share a vested interest in the connections between Canada and our neighbours to the south.
And despite my argument that I would never need to care about this information, I found my opinion on this matter changing rapidly.
Maybe it began when I turned 18 and stated I would never vote, only to have a comment made along the lines of “if you don’t vote you have no right to complain.”
This actually made tons of sense to me. If I wanted the government to change, I had to give my say, be it only a little tick on a ballot sheet.
My view on politics changed even more when I started working with the candidates in the provincial election, realizing what each had to say on a smaller level.
There was no longer any separation between the things these candidates were saying and I.
I could relate one selling point of the campaign to almost anyone I knew.
I made me step back and realize that I am a part of the decision, and I need to play the role I was given.
Now, the municipal election is upon us, and although I’m not living in Redcliff or Cypress County, I wish those candidates all the best, and I hope the residents step up and show they do care about the outcome of their municipality.
If they want change, they need to fight for it.
I know I will be. I may be reporting on a few different elections, but I also have one of my own to participate in.
Election Day is in October, and you can bet that I will be down at City Hall, marking my x on a piece of paper.
I believe things can change, if they are wrong, and sometimes there is a need to stay the same.
But the residents are the ones who make that choice, and they have a duty to themselves to show up and cast a vote, where a vote is required.
It all comes back to that simple comment.
If you don’t vote you have no right to complain.

Quality time with my granddaughter PDF Print
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Thursday, 15 August 2013 15:18

By Jamie Rieger

When life gets busy or stressful (or both) and there just doesn’t seem to be much to rejoice about, there is nothing more therapeutic than spending time with a young person. I know I’ve written about this in the past, but it really is true. Their seemingly endless energy, innocent curiosity, and happy dispositions can brighten the most gloom person’s day.
So, when I was able to take a few days off last week, of course, the number one item on the priority list of things to do was spend time with my granddaughter (and daughter, of course!). Paige had been tiring out her mom for a few days, so I thought it was a good time for some quality time with grandma and boy, did we have fun! Little Paige is no longer the baby that loved to be rocked to sleep and sang to; the little rascal is now a toddler and a very active one at that!
She still loves songs and music, but now that she is mobile on her two feet, she is also quite the little dancer. She loves music and will shake her diapered booty to her favourite songs.
Paige is also talking quite well and was chatting up a storm for grandma. I firmly believe her good vocabulary is because she loves books and her mommy and daddy do a lot of reading to her. While I was there, we read through some of her books, and her special book about puppies probably got read five or six times.
During the day as her mommy ran errands, cleaned house, and cooked dinner, Paige and I packed as much fun stuff in as we could. We played with a ball, played hide and seek where she was always the hider and would show herself the second I said, “Where’s Paige? Where is she? Where did she go?”
There is also no better sound in the world than that of a young child’s belly laugh and there was plenty of that during my visit....a visit that I wish could have lasted longer.
Every time I go to visit, I see Paige’s growth and do not want to miss her growing up as she learns new things and masters others. It was earlier this summer when she discovered her shadow at a family get-together and that was a moment the whole family will cherish as moved and watched as her shadow mimicked her movements.
All these moments are milestones for Paige and I enjoy being able to be enjoy her as she grows, explores and develops and I am thoroughly looking forward to her next visit from Grandma.

When zombies rule the world PDF Print
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Tuesday, 06 August 2013 19:48

By Cassie Weiss

The curtain rises. A couple is alone in a vehicle as the sun slowly makes it was past the horizon. The car won’t start and an ominous shuffling can be heard off screen. The camera fades to black, as the shuffling gets louder. Suddenly, a scream.
There is no better movie or book out there than those that speak of a bleak oblivion, where humans become monsters, pillaging, stealing, killing, all to save themselves from the inevitable.
George Romero became the godfather of zombie literature long before I was born, and to this day his name is idolized more than most.
He created his own zombie genre, hooking young and old alike with his dark simplistic movies, from Night of the Living Dead, to Dawn of the Dead, and every movie in between.
I have to admit, it wasn’t necessarily George that fanned the flame when it comes to my love of zombies.
I actually believe it was my cousin during hang out time in his basement that started up this insane (probably unhealthy) love of the undead.
Left 4 Dead was a popular zombie killing game that people just couldn’t get enough of. Although I have never played the first one, I couldn’t put down the second.
My cousin and I would play this game for hours, as obscenities would be screamed at the TV screen as hordes of the undead would swarm you as you made your way to safety.
A hard game that taught me fast how to work an Xbox controller, a game that I never wanted to put down.
As I played more and more, my love grew and grew, to the point where I became a zombie fanatic. I cannot tell you when it happened, and I cannot tell you when I passed the point of no return.
The first movie I see on my bookshelf has both living and dead in the title, the first Xbox game I see is much the same.
Books, yup, I have books about zombies as well.
I would even go as far to say that I would honestly look forward to a zombie apocalypse, simply to see what would happen. It would be interesting, you know, to put this generation up against hordes of zombies, after all the research we have done through movies, video games, and the written word.
We wouldn’t be surprised if it happened, in fact, most of us could tell you exactly the type of zombie, how the infection would spread, and exactly how to kill it.
Am I prepared for a zombie apocalypse? No. Do I really think one would ever happen? Also no.
Does that stop me from dreaming? Nope, not at all.
I’ve got my zombie killer digging a hole right now in my back yard, and together Lady and I will take on any apocalypse that comes to us.
Until then, I guess a zombie movie marathon is in order. After all, World War Z did just leave theatres.

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